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Total Home & Farm Video Solutions provides high quality digital video surveillance systems with expert installation, and friendly technical support. Offering cutting-edge video surveillance solutions for family households and farms to business and national franchise applications. We specialize at the installation of video surveillance cameras. We offer no monitoring, no access control, or alarm systems. We are the best of breed in making your camera system surpass your standards. No matter your need, we have your solution!

About Us
No Monthly Payments • Discount On Insurance • 2-Year Warranty
Analog vs Digital Video Surveillance Comparison
  • Higher Resolution
  • Better Quality
  • Identify People
  • Clearer Picture
  • Read License Plates
  • More Visual Detail
Video Security App

With the mobile app, you can keep an eye on everything that goes on in and around your home, farm, or business anywhere, anytime! You can monitor your own cameras using your mobile device or personal computer.

"We love our system here at Darrin's Tire and Auto Repair. We can keep an eye on the property from different angles inside and out and the owner is able to observe it when away from the business as well. Make sure to call Todd with any questions before you make any other choices on a security system in your home or business." - Darrin's Tire and Auto Repair
"Awesome job on the install. Love the system and top notch service from entire crew." - Residential Install
"We love this system! 8 cameras help us keep a 24/7 eye on our livestock and farm. After only 3 weeks the cameras have already helped us save some livestock. Install crew was awesome! Todd (the boss) is there personally to help with any questions and/or issues. Be sure and talk to him before choosing your security system." - Double J Reed Ranch
"Great, professional service! Very satisfied with the products, and now I'm comfortable to know that my parents have the extra eyes, and that the family can check on their safety through the phone app! Thank you! Highly recommended!” - Luis Sandoval
"I called Saturday, and they installed the system on Monday. Awesome company and great team! Call them!” - Mark Stabler
"I'm happy to say that last week we caught a thief in the act - and that was 100% what put him back in jail. Not only did we get him on camera, but his vehicle as well. If it weren't for the cameras, there's a good chance he would still be roaming free. We have had 10 different break-ins in the last two years and the person was never caught. This was the first break in with the cameras installed, and he was caught. They paid for themselves!” - Kyle Heuerman
"It was the best purchase we ever made for our livestock. We were able to keep an eye on our livestock, and in fact, even able to save a few of them. The crew sent to install our system were very, very professional and so very respectful of not only your livestock, but also of the people and property they are installing a system for.” - Carolyn C. Hart
"By far the best purchase we've made for our new home! We love our cameras, they are so easy to use and convenient. Whether we are out for the night and want to check on our dogs, or traveling. When we were in Florida we got notifications right away to our phones and was able to instantly open the app and see our home in real time!” - Kati Marie
*Discounts may vary by insurance providers. 2-year warranty covers equipment, cables, and cameras.

Mission Statement

To provide professional security camera solutions for all, offering quality and high definition cameras to suit your personal needs. We take pride in our continuous and mandatory training for our staff. Continually delivering the best possible coverage with our security system and its installation, guaranteeing our work. Our goal is to deliver top of the line; complete protection with excellent customer service. We are a camera company specializing in cameras. We do not provide any alarms, access control, or monitoring services.

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