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Total Home & Farm Video Solutions provides high quality digital video surveillance systems with expert installation, and friendly technical support. Offering cutting-edge video surveillance solutions for family households and farms to business and national franchise applications. We specialize at the installation of video surveillance cameras. We offer no monitoring, no access control, or alarm systems. We are the best of breed in making your camera system surpass your standards. No matter your need, we have your solution!

No Monthly Payments • Discount On Insurance • 2-Year Warranty

*Discounts may vary by insurance providers. 2-year warranty covers equipment, cables and cameras.

Video Security App

With the mobile app, you can keep an eye on everything that goes on in and around your home, farm, or business anywhere, anytime! You can monitor your own cameras using any mobile device or personal computer.



Analog vs Digital Video Camera Screen Comparison

Analog Picture

IP Digital Picture

  • Higher Resolution
  • Better Quality
  • Identify People
  • Read License Plates
  • More Visual Detail


Have peace of mind at home and when you are away. Make life a little easier and safer with affordable home surveillance that you can view in real-time, anytime and anywhere! With our residential applications you will have the power to put your mind at ease by using just your fingertips. Not only will your home be more safe and secure, but also have you considered these other useful benefits?

  • See who is at the front door before answering it.
  • Use it as a video baby monitor.
  • You can monitor areas within your own home that are off limits to children.
  • Caring for elderly family members by keeping an eye on them while in another room or even when you are away from home.
  • Identify suspicious noises in other areas of the home by simply logging into your app without having to go to the source until you know it’s safe.
  • Check on the pets while you are away.
  • Know when the kids get home from school.
  • Keep an eye on the babysitter or nanny anytime.
  • Watch for any suspicious activity around your home.
  • See what the repairman is doing while in your home.


Protect your assets by keeping close watch on your farm, livestock, and equipment. You will be able to oversee that all operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Our video surveillance systems for agricultural applications allow you to monitor your property from the kitchen table or anywhere you may be at anytime. You have a lot invested in operations, so why not assure yourself by protecting these investments?

  • Detour theft, break-ins, and vandalism on property and equipment.
  • You can monitor your own livestock and buildings when you are away.
  • See employees and authorized personnel who are on site.
  • Verify that daily operations are running smoothly.
  • Protect and observe your water supplies.
  • Keep an eye on fuel tanks, equipment, and other at risk areas.


Protect your company and your employees with our complete commercial surveillance systems for your business. By simply having video systems present will discourage criminal activity and other negative impacts to your business overall. Keep close watch on suspicious customers and monitor employee behaviors. You cannot be everywhere at once, but with our system you can be! Video surveillance can be a very powerful resource to you and your business. From small business to corporate enterprise, we have a video solution for you.

  • Record acts of theft or vandalism by employees and customers to help police identification.
  • Reduce liability on false insurance claims such as injury and vehicle damages.
  • Evaluate employee job performances and areas in need of improvement.
  • Confirm safety guideline procedures.
  • Detect equipment in need of repair or reassure it is being operated correctly.
  • Have continuous customer video record of purchase history and activity.
  • See who is coming in and out of your business at anytime.
  • Keep watch of cash register activity, money safe, and other sensitive areas.
  • You can monitor your employee's customer service efforts to assure business integrity.

About Us

We are a family-oriented business located in Mattoon Illinois, servicing Illinois and surrounding states. Your personally designed system will meet your needs whether it is farmland, residential, commercial or industrial. We offer a wide variety of high definition cameras including short range, long range, and pan / tilt / zoom cameras. Our extensive installation experience is combined with safety trainings and certifications which helps provide full coverage to any facility. We are mindful of aesthetics concealing all wires and cables to deliver a clean and professional installation.


Serving from multiple locations throughout the Midwest.



  • "We love our system here at Darrin's Tire and Auto Repair. We can keep an eye on the property from different angles inside and out and the owner is able to observe it when away from the business as well. Make sure to call Todd with any questions before you make any other choices on a security system in your home or business." - Darrin's Tire and Auto Repair

  • "We love this system! 8 cameras help us keep a 24/7 eye on our livestock and farm. After only 3 weeks the cameras have already helped us save some livestock. Install crew was awesome! Todd (the boss) is there personally to help with any questions and/or issues. Be sure and talk to him before choosing your security system." - Double J Reed Ranch

  • "Awesome job on the install. Love the system and top notch service from entire crew." - Residential Install


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Mission Statement

To provide professional security camera solutions for all, offering quality and high definition cameras to suit your personal needs. We take pride in our continuous and mandatory training for our staff. Continually delivering the best possible coverage with our security system and its installation, guaranteeing our work. Our goal is to deliver top of the line; complete protection with excellent customer service. We are a camera company specializing in cameras. We do not provide any alarms, access control, or monitoring services.